How to use social media to spread the word on the #Marines’ #MarineEquality protest

The #Mariners’ #Equality march on the Mall in DC has been canceled, with organizers canceling the event because of “concerns” about safety and the “impact” on the military.

The group has been pushing for President Donald Trump to sign an executive order to end racial discrimination in the military, and organizers canceled the march after meeting with President Trump on Thursday.

The march was slated to take place on Friday, Jan. 26, but organizers announced Friday that it would not be taking place.

They said the decision was made because the president “has expressed his strong support for a solution to racial and gender inequality within the military.”

A spokesperson for the march’s organizers told the Associated Press that they canceled the event out of concern for safety and that the march would have to move to another location to accommodate all of the thousands of people who have shown up to the march, many of them women and children.

The move came after the military expressed concern that the demonstration could create a hostile environment for servicemembers who are not comfortable marching on the front lines, particularly in an urban setting like DC.

Marines march through the National Mall on Jan. 27, 2021, in Washington, D.C. | Getty The marchers also expressed concerns about the march being a “trigger event” for those who had experienced discrimination, and that it could result in “hostile” behavior.

They said in a statement to ABC News that “some members of the marchers and others on the scene are concerned about potential violence and have contacted the military to make sure we are safe and do not experience any such occurrences.”

“The decision to cancel the march was made out of an understanding that the military will not be a place where we can experience the negative effects of the march on any servicemember,” the statement said.