How Japan’s conservative party is winning the culture wars

Japanese conservatives are winning the cultural wars in the country, and they’re taking their victory to the next level.

The Japanese conservative Party for the Future has taken a page from President Donald Trump’s playbook to gain an unexpected political advantage in the upcoming elections.

The GOP has been making gains in recent weeks, picking up seats in the lower house of parliament and winning the most seats in state assemblies.

It has also secured the support of some of the countrys most influential conservative figures, including Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The party won the most recent election by winning a record number of seats, winning almost 14 percent of the vote.

It has also become a party of social justice.

The group is a strong proponent of social safety nets, the traditional pillar of conservative ideology.

Its platform includes an ambitious goal of reducing the size of the government by more than 40 percent, as well as eliminating taxes and government regulations.

While it has not achieved its ambitious goals, the party is gaining ground among its base, which has largely embraced social liberalism and is skeptical of the social safety net.

But the party’s success is not without risk.

The party’s extreme stance on social issues, which is also a key factor in its election success, could alienate its core supporters.

The Party for Change, another conservative party, is not faring much better.

Its conservative base is becoming increasingly wary of the party, which it sees as too radical on social liberalism, according to party insiders.

While the party has gained a significant number of new members, its support is not rising as fast as its conservative counterparts, according a poll by the Pew Research Center.

It remains to be seen whether the party will take the next step and attempt to expand its base.