BBC Sport’s Peter Jackson’s review of Sydenham’s new housing scheme

New housing scheme on Sydenam has had some mixed reviews with some people praising it as a good start and others saying it was just a good idea.

The scheme will provide homes for people in and around Sydenaman, which is near to Manchester and is in the centre of the city’s inner west.

It is expected to be the first of many to be built in the city.

Here’s what we know about the scheme.

Key facts: Sydenhan has a population of around 1,000 and has a median household income of £60,000.

In 2016-17, there were 5,734 households in the area, but in 2017-18 that number dropped to 4,827.

About 4,000 people in the town were homeless in 2017, compared with 8,400 the previous year.

Around 1,300 people were on the council’s Housing Allowance in 2017.

Sydenahan has around 1.6 million residents, according to the latest figures from the Greater Manchester Housing Association.

More: BBC Sport says the average household income for residents is £51,000 a year, but the council said the median income was £37,000 for adults.

The average household size in Sydenah was around 3.2 people, with a median of 6.2.

There are four council-owned homes and another 3,000 privately owned properties in Syderman.

It has a school system of more than 4,400 students.

The council’s director of housing, Stephen Rutter, said the scheme was a good first step towards creating housing for all residents.

“We want to provide a stable place for families to live and to have access to services they can rely on,” he said.

He said the aim of the scheme, which will be funded by the council and a partnership with the charity Shelter, was to reduce the number of people on Housing Allowances.

Sydenha, near to the Manchester city centre, is home to a number of different families, including a large Somali community. “

But we can’t do this alone, and this scheme will help ensure everyone gets the help they need.”

Sydenha, near to the Manchester city centre, is home to a number of different families, including a large Somali community.

It was built by the town council and funded by Shelter.

Its first home was built in 1894, with the last one built in 1995.

It covers around 2,500 sq metres, with four floors and a roof terrace.

There is an outdoor swimming pool, an indoor gymnasium, a day centre and a library.

About 500 people live in the community.

Here is a list of what’s known about the project.

Where are the homes?

The council has allocated the land in Sydonah for the scheme and it will be built on land that has been previously used for housing.

Sydaen, Sydenan and Sydenay are in the same neighbourhood, so it will need to be on the same land to meet the planning regulations.

Syderan and the surrounding area are home to about 3,400 people, which covers around 1 square metre of land.

Sydalhan, Sydera and Syderay are two different towns, which means that Sydenaan will be located in Sydana, a village about a mile away from Sydena.

Here are some key points about the Sydenans new housing project: How is it funded?

Shelter, which runs the Housing Allowant scheme, will provide around £3.5 million.

The money will be used to build the homes and to ensure that people in housing benefit from the scheme as a whole.

Shelter is also expected to provide services to the residents.

Sydans main aim will be to build affordable housing for the poorest in the communities.

The first homes are expected to have three bedrooms and one bathroom, but there is no final figure yet on the number, because there are so many people living in the scheme at the moment.

The cost of a new home is expected be £150,000 to £180,000, which the council expects to be covered by the housing benefit and other schemes.

Where will the homes be?

The scheme is expected come into being next year, which would be in September 2021.

However, the council has said it will not be able to start building homes until the end of 2018.

It says the scheme is a good way to ensure there are homes for the poor.

But the council will need a lot of support to get the scheme off the ground.

How will the housing be managed?

The project is part of a wider programme to give people living on the city centre more opportunities.

In March 2018, it introduced the First Home for Everyone, which aims to build up housing for people who live on a fixed income, which was the case in the 1980s.

This new scheme will offer more housing options to people in Sydaan, Sydena, Sydalham and Syd