Aussie breeder makes history by creating the world’s first zebra for use as a research animal

A new breed of zebra is being bred to be used as a scientific research animal.

The first zebu is being created at the Australian zebra breeding centre in Canberra.

The Australian Zebra Foundation said it was the first breeding of its kind.

Zebu scientist James Waggott is the director of the centre.

He said it took about two years to develop the breeding programme.

It is one of the largest zebra research programmes in the world.

He had a very small team and they did some amazing work.

The foundation has given $30 million to the Australian Zebufound program and has spent the money on research.

Dr Waggot said he had worked on the breeding of zebus for more than 20 years.

He was on the Australian Zoo’s breeding programme for two years and now is working on another project with the Australian Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

He also worked for the University of Queensland’s zebra programme.

He is the only person to have successfully bred two zebuses together.

The project is called The Zebra and is one that has been a long-standing goal for Dr Wagott.

He wants to see the zebra as part of the zoo’s animal family and wants the zebuf to have a permanent home in Canberra’s zoo.

The zebues are the largest species of zubat and have been studied for more years than any other animal.

There are around 50 breeding centres in the country.