Watch the stunning bird in this stunning scene from a new movie

Audubon Society has released a stunning video capturing the incredible moment a blackbird landed on the side of a car in South Africa.

The video, which was taken by a wildlife photographer and posted to YouTube, shows a large blackbird hovering over the car and hovering around the driver as he drives by.

The driver was able to get out of the car after the bird landed on his side and the car quickly sped away.

The blackbird was the first blackbird seen in South African skies since the country was hit by a massive bushfire last month.

“It’s very rare for the blackbird to have its wings flapped,” said Mr Fishel.

“But we know that the Black-footed Ferret can do it and that’s why they’re so popular in South Australia.”

Mr Fisher said the blackbirds’ behaviour was a perfect example of the benefits of being in harmony with nature.

“The blackbirds that we see flying around on our side of the road are just part of the landscape,” he said.

“We have this great harmony with the forest and we just need to work together and look after the forest.”