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Posted October 04, 2018 11:30:06 The Blackheath Society is the largest, and by far, most influential, black community in Australia.

Its membership includes more than 5,000 people from a wide range of backgrounds.

The Black Heath Society and its community members are an integral part of Black Australia’s story, history and identity, and it’s time to celebrate.

For the past four years, we’ve been running a series of events around the city, to showcase the contributions of our community and its members to the community.

This year, we have an opportunity to highlight the Black Heathers in a unique way.

The first and most important of these is the annual Blackheathers Awards, which celebrate the contributions made to the Black community and to the wider community by the Black heathers, Black community members and members of the wider Black community.

In recent years, the Blackheathe Society has been able to highlight Black achievements in the arts, education, health and social service delivery, and we are determined to do so again this year.

The second event is the BlackHeath Society’s annual Black Heathy Conference, which is held every two years to showcase and celebrate Black Australian achievements in terms of arts, music, sports, education and service delivery.

The third is the National Blackheathy Awards which celebrates the achievements of Black people in the field of Black arts, history, culture and social work.

These events are a chance for our community members to reflect on the achievements they’ve made in the past and to reflect upon how they can be even more impactful in the future.

The fourth event is a Blackheats annual BlackHeathers Breakfast, which brings together Black people of different backgrounds, ages and identities to share experiences, share knowledge and network.

Our Black Heathe Society and our community are an important part of Australia’s history, our culture and our identity.

We are proud of that.

And we are also proud of the contribution our community has made to our communities history, the history of our city and the legacy of our Black community in Black Australia.