What are the best-selling books on the New Scientist?

The New Scientist has compiled its Best Books of 2016 list to provide a snapshot of the year’s best-seller lists and bestsellers of the past year.

The magazine has now published its 2015 Best Books list, which featured some of the most popular titles, including:The first two books in the New Science Best Books series were the highly anticipated, Pulitzer-winning The New York Times bestselling The Big Bang Theory and the award-winning, bestselling and Oscar-nominated film adaptation of David Mamet’s The Big Short.

The second was The Dark Knight trilogy starring Christopher Nolan.

The New Scientist’s bestseller list also included books that had been previously published in the US, such as The Big Empty by the author Jodi Picoult and the New Yorker bestselling The Unbreakable Miss Lovely by the journalist and author Anne Rice.

Other New Scientist books included the bestseller The End of the World by Naomi Klein, the bestselling memoir The Big Lie by Daniel Kahneman and the acclaimed memoir The Black Swan by Emma Goldman.

The first three books in The New Science Top Ten, released in June, were: The Best of the New York Post by Mark Steyn and Michael Gerson, which was the bestselling book in the country; The Great American Novel by Jonathan Lethem and Joshua Levine; and The Black Rose by David Foster Wallace.