Two more Philippine men arrested in Philippines

Two Filipino men are accused of murdering a former classmate in the Philippines, according to police.

The two Filipinos, identified by the police as 28-year-old Jose Angel and 22-year.

Rodolfo L. Barangay and his wife, who were detained after being found in a room in their Manila home in the early hours of Tuesday, were arrested by Philippine police after a warrant was issued for their arrest, police said in a statement.

A police official said the pair was accused of killing the man, who was identified as 32-year old Miguel V. Villanueva, at their Manila apartment in September last year.

The case is being investigated by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Philippine National Police, and the Philippine Department of Justice.

According to the statement, Barangate and Barangays mother, who is the aunt of the accused, had been living in the house with the couple’s three children.

The police said they did not immediately have information on the motive behind the crime and the motive for the alleged crime, but added that the pair’s mother has confessed to the crime.

Police said the alleged murder took place after Barangai had been drinking alcohol and taking drugs in the apartment when he killed Villanuesay.

Police are asking anyone with information on their whereabouts to contact the Philippine National Bureau for Investigation at 202-2-988-9191.