‘Disease has caused a spike in suicides’: Queensland coroner

A coronial inquest into the death of a transgender woman who was found dead in her bed on the Queensland coast has found her death was caused by a ‘disease’.

The Coroner has rejected a suicide plea from the man who claimed the 31-year-old had a mental health crisis, claiming it was ‘unreasonable’.

Queensland Coroner Andrew Corbell announced the death on Friday after a two-day inquest into a fatal suicide at the Brisbane home of Michelle Tannock in January 2017.

Mr Corbell ruled the death was not a suicide and said his inquiry was not yet over.

In his report, Corbell said the coroner had heard that Tannocks mother and partner had ‘repeatedly complained of mental illness and a history of self harm’ in recent years.

He found the woman had ‘multiple and severe suicidal ideations’.

Mr Tannocked’s death was ruled a suicide in April 2016, but her partner’s case remained unresolved.

The inquest into Tannocking’s death is now scheduled to finish on April 18.

Queanbeyan coroner Andrew Corbett has ruled the inquest into Ms Tannocker’s death as a suicide, after hearing her death ‘was not a self-inflicted act’.

He also found the man had ‘a history of repeated suicidal ideation’.

Ms Tannochock was found lying face down in a bed with her legs stretched out in a pool of blood on the back of her bed in the Brisbane suburb of Maitland in January, 2017.

The coroner said he could not establish a cause of death but found ‘there is no evidence of foul play’.

In a statement, the Coroner’s office said it accepted the coroner’s conclusion that there was no foul play, saying he was satisfied the death had been caused by ‘an unprovoked, unproviderated and unforeseeable act’.

The coroner was unable to determine the cause of Ms Tancocks death, but he said there was ‘no evidence of an unprovised act’.

He said he was ‘convinced that the cause was due to an unplanned and unprovided act’.

Coroners Office spokesperson Jenny Farr said the Coroners Service was ‘disappointed’ in Mr Corbell’s findings.

Ms Farr told ABC Brisbane: ‘This inquest has been called into question, but at this stage we are satisfied that the coroner has made a finding that there has been a suicide.’

If you look at the coroner report, he made an unvarnished assessment of the evidence and found it to be reasonable.”

There is no reason to believe that there is anything unusual about this case’She added that ‘the coroner’s report has not identified any specific issues with the investigation, the inquest or the police or coroner’.

‘There are no particular problems with the manner of death or the circumstances of death that would lead to a conclusion that this is not a case of suicide.’

Ms Tancock’s partner and mother-in-law, the husband of the deceased, has said his mental health was ‘severely affected’ and he ‘lives with a mental illness that he does not wish to discuss’.

Coronaries and ICU admissions are recorded in Queensland.

She died of an apparent self-harming act, but Mr Corbett ruled the cause could not be determined because it was not an ‘accidental or accidental’ suicide.

‘We have not been given the opportunity to examine any of the medical records of Ms [Tannock] to see what has caused her to be in this condition,’ Mr Corbin said in his report.’

The coroner is satisfied that there have been a number of problems with her mental health that have resulted in an unco-ordinated and unplanned act, and the coroner believes that this was an unanticipated and uncooperative outcome.”

The Coronary and ICu data show that she was admitted to the ICU for a number in excess of 10 hours.

We can’t say that she wasn’t a very serious person.

This has been very challenging to manage for the coroner and his staff.’

Ms Corbin’s report found Ms TANNOCK was suffering from depression and suicidal ideational issues.

It said she had been ‘unwilling to be open about her mental illness’ and had ‘become increasingly hostile and agitated’.’

It was not unreasonable to conclude that she had experienced a number to multiple suicidal ideating episodes,’ it said.

Coroner Corbell will hold a press conference at 7:30pm AEDT on April 21.

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