‘I feel very privileged’ to have ‘a beautiful house’

A Victorian woman is living in a house she bought with the proceeds from a “brilliant” online business.

“It’s a beautiful house,” said Sarah Wood, of the village of Sydenham, in the NSW north.

“It’s just one of those houses that just feels like it was bought to be lived in.”

It’s not the first time the house has been a hit with online shoppers.

A few months ago, Wood and her husband bought a home on the Gold Coast in Melbourne’s north.

The home has been the centre of a legal battle that has seen the couple receive more than $4 million in damages.

“We’ve been really blessed to have this house, it’s a great property,” Wood said.

“We had so much fun in our home.”

She said the couple are happy with the outcome of the legal case, and that the house is now used as a “hotel” to entertain guests.

“If people are visiting us in the house and want to come and stay, we can have dinner there and the whole family can come over and watch movies,” she said.

Sarah Wood is living with her family in the $4M Sydenam home.

(Supplied: Sarah Wood)She said they are planning to sell the property to raise money to buy a new home, which she described as “very, very beautiful”.

“I feel so privileged that we have this home that we bought, I think it was a very nice house,” Wood told 7.30.

“I love it and I love it so much and it’s been a great thing to have a home that I can call my own.”

The couple have been selling the house online, and are currently offering to sell it at auction, if they win the lawsuit.

“A lot of people want to buy it and we want to sell, and I feel that that’s a bit more fun,” Wood explained.

“You have to have the money for that.

We don’t want to go broke.”

The Sydenhans bought the house in 2015 for $4.5 million, with the remainder of the proceeds going to charity.

Sarah Wood said she would like to raise enough money to build a new house for her family, but has not yet decided on a price.

“What we’re looking at is going to be around $3 million to $4,000, which we’ve been able to get,” she explained.

“And it’ll be more for the kids in there, because I think we need more space, we need a little bit more space in the home.”

When we bought the property, I thought, ‘This is a beautiful home.

I can’t wait to get it back’,” she said of the $2.5-million home.

Sarah said the house was her first purchase, and she had not considered it as a home for a while.”

It’s just a wonderful thing to be able to live in.””

I love this house so much, and so do my kids.

It’s just a wonderful thing to be able to live in.”

Sarah Wood and the house she has been living in with her husband and family.

(ABC News: Kate Harn)Sarah Wood said it was not the only house she had purchased with proceeds from her online business, The Ultimate Store.

She has also bought the home of a man she met while she was studying online.

“That’s what we’re going to call him now, he’s the guy who we bought from us,” she laughed.

“He’s one of my favourite people.

He was a friend of mine in college and he said ‘oh, I can help you out with your business’.”

We’re just so lucky that we’ve found this person who is so happy to help out.

“The Ultimate Store was established in 2014 to help people buy homes online, including selling them through a website.”

You go into the house, you’re given a number of options and they’re all really good options,” Sarah Wood explained to 7.90.”

There’s an option to buy something at a low price, which is the option for the guy, and there’s an online option for him, and he can go on the website and buy the house at a lower price than he could have bought it online.

“Sarah said she had decided to start selling her own properties after a few years of being in the online business and not wanting to “put money in my pocket”.”

It took a while for me to realise, I’m going to put my money in this, I just want to make money,” she added.”

But it just seems so much more exciting to do it than I ever thought it would be.