The National Science Club has created a “Science News Club” for all to read

The National Sci-News Club has now launched a new website to “provide a platform for science and technology in India” and has been launched by NSCI.

The website is called “”.

According to a post on the website, the website is to provide a platform to “share science news, technology and news stories in a non-commercial way” and “create a platform where anyone can learn and share science, technology, news, information and knowledge”.

The site will also offer free downloads of books, magazines and podcasts that will be published in the future.

The group has already launched a website that hosts articles on topics like “Breathing space”, “Bioscience”, “Efficient manufacturing”, “Fiber optics”, “Food production”, “The new wave of antibiotics”, “Climate change” and more.

“We have been sharing scientific and technical articles for many years.

The launch of this new website is an opportunity to provide the community with the best of what we are working on,” NSCN director of communications and media relations Arundhati Ghosh told PTI.