BJP’s ‘Jungle People’ bill passes the Maharashtra Assembly

Maharashtra assembly passes a bill to outlaw wild animals in the state.

It was passed on a final reading.

BJP MLA Shivpal Yadav said, “Jungle people are the source of a lot of misery and suffering in the country.

The animals were not put out of their misery, but are still living there.”

The bill will be taken up for the third reading in the legislature, which has already been adjourned for the week.

A similar bill, which was passed by the assembly earlier this year, has been sent to the state government for approval.

The bill, titled Jungle People Act, is aimed at curbing cruelty towards animals and protecting their habitats.

It seeks to create an offence of ‘unlawful confinement’ of a wild animal and to prevent ‘unnatural and unreasonable confinement’.

Animal welfare activists have long decried the bill as an attempt to ban a protected species from being hunted, even as they point to its provisions against unnatural and unreasonable conditions in the wild.

The government is yet to respond to a request from The Hindu for an explanation of the new bill.

In February, the Maharashtra government banned hunting of the Bengal tiger, a species that is considered a threatened species by conservationists and has been the subject of intense conservation efforts.