Why we are at the mercy of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Posted by The Jerusalem Project on Tuesday, January 14, 2020 07:12:47 The Israeli- Palestinian conflict is a global crisis.

Israel and Palestine are locked in a conflict that is the result of decades of the United Nations Security Council’s Resolution 181, which declared that Israel was a state, and Palestine was a “non-member observer state”.

Israel was granted “special status” by the United States and Canada on the grounds that it is a state.

This is a status that was originally granted to the US-controlled territories of Puerto Rico and Guam.

But Israel has now expanded the status to the entire Palestinian territory, which is now part of Israel.

Israel also established a separate Palestinian Authority, and a Palestinian Legislative Council in the West Bank, which will soon have its own government.

Israel’s military occupation of the West’s largest Palestinian city, Ramallah, has prevented the UN from bringing any measures to end the occupation.

As the Palestinian Authority (PA) was founded in 2005, the UN Security Council has no jurisdiction over it.

However, the PA is the de facto representative of the Palestinian people and therefore has the right to declare a state and to take measures to change that state.

It has the authority to make laws in the occupied territories, and it has the power to implement its policies on behalf of the people of the occupied territory.

Under international law, the United Kingdom and France have jurisdiction over Palestine, but the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have no jurisdiction.

Israel has refused to recognise a Palestinian state, or to recognise Israel’s existence as a Jewish state.

Since 1967, the Palestinian territories have been governed by the Palestinian authority, which has never recognised Israel’s right to exist.

The Palestinian Authority is based in the Palestinian capital, Ramla, and has a population of approximately 20 million people.

This means that the PA has a sizeable budget and control over a large portion of the economy.

The PA is also responsible for running the West Wall, a disputed stretch of the wall that separates Israel from the West bank.

The Israeli military has built over 70 checkpoints and security installations in the area, in addition to a number of settlements built on land occupied by Israel in the 1967 Six Day War.

Israel maintains the separation barrier, which prevents Palestinians from accessing their lands, including the West Banks, which are considered a security issue.

Israel is the only party to the conflict to have the right of return, a principle which means that Palestinians are entitled to return to their homes, and Palestinians in the Israeli settlements are denied the right for full citizenship.

The Palestinians in Ramallah are living in fear of their lives, their homes and their lives in general, because the PA does not recognise Israel as the legitimate representative of their people.

The situation in the region is extremely dangerous, and the situation is getting worse by the day.

The world is watching, and I urge you to read more on the crisis and the consequences of Israel’s illegal occupation of Gaza and the West.