NYT editors urge NYT to ‘move beyond’ ‘insensitive’

NYT editors are urging the newspaper to “move beyond” its “insensitive” coverage of President Trump’s inauguration, calling for an “unbiased” article on the new administration’s “incredibly divisive” new policy.

In a series of tweets, NYT editors expressed support for a “neutral” report on the administration’s new policy, noting that they hope that readers “can make up their own minds” about the issue.

They also expressed support of a “balanced” article about the administration, saying that they’re “proud to be NYT, and our journalists are not afraid to tell the truth about America’s greatest institutions and leaders.”

The NYT, which has long been critical of Trump’s policies, has long taken a more liberal approach to the new policies, which critics say are aimed at marginalizing certain communities of people.

In an op-ed published in May, Times reporter Matt Apuzzo argued that “the Trump administration has a responsibility to ensure the American people are free from discrimination.”

The editors of The New York Times, the world’s most influential newspaper, have come under fire for their coverage of Trump since he took office.

On Jan. 20, the Times published an editorial that blasted Trump for saying during his inauguration speech that “all lives matter,” a remark that many people found offensive.

The Times later retracted that editorial.

On Feb. 11, the paper published a piece that called Trump’s decision to pardon former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio “unprecedented,” and called it “unfortunate” that the president did not heed “the advice of counsel” and release him from prison.