When do we expect the government to start releasing photos of people’s faces in India?

A month after the Prime Minister announced that it would start releasing images of faces, the government has yet to issue any public statements on the matter.

This lack of transparency has created a huge amount of confusion, especially when it comes to how many photos will be released and when.

According to data provided by the government, the average number of images released per month is a whopping 1,500, and this is expected to continue increasing.

In an article titled ‘The government is not releasing pictures of people’ posted on the social media platform on October 14, the Government of India announced that the government will start releasing photographs of faces on October 28.

But why are they releasing images at all?

According to the government’s official website, the country’s largest social media site, the official government portal on October 15 has the first page of photos that will be revealed on the government website.

This page has the same number of posts as the first pages of other major websites.

The images released are very similar to those in the first month of the Prime Ministry’s transparency initiative.

In the first photo, the Prime minister is seen in front of a camera.

The same is the image released by the Government’s official portal.

In both, the PM is shown holding an Indian rupee.

But what about the photos released during the last month?

The first photo shows the Prime Ministers face, the second photo shows his hand, the third photo shows a picture of the PM’s face with a camera attached, and the fourth photo shows one of his eyes with a computer screen attached.

The next image released on October 19 was the photo that was previously released on the Government website.

However, this photo is different from the one released on November 1, when the PM was photographed in front at a local news channel.

The PM was shown with his arm raised and was not wearing a mask.

However, in the image of the first picture released on January 12, when it was supposed to be the last image released, the face of the leader of the opposition, Rahul Gandhi, was not shown in any of the photos that were released.

This is because it was not a photo that the Government had released on December 9.

The last image was released on February 16 and was a photo of the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah, who had resigned over the appointment of his son, Nitish Kumar, as the Chief Ministers Deputy Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister was not seen in any photo released on that day.

In the second picture, the picture released by a government portal is that of an Indian flag with the words “India is proud of you.”

It was later confirmed that this was a publicity image of an event where the Prime Minster and the Prime minster’s daughter were photographed together.

The image released during February 19 was a picture that was supposed a photo released during a rally organised by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

However, the photo released that day was the picture of a rally held by the Congress party.

The picture released that morning showed the Prime Leader standing in front, wearing a white mask.

The photo released for the first time on February 20, 2017 was that of the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi.

The image released for this photograph was a photograph of a large crowd gathered around the BJP president, Amit Shah.

The pictures released by government portals in the last two months show that the Prime Chief Minister and his cabinet members have all been photographed.

But the images released during those months show the faces of the people that they have been seen with.

So what about those photos released by state and municipal governments during the past months?

According the latest information, the images of people released during April and May have been very similar.

The only exception is that the last photo released in May shows the face in the foreground of a photo caption.

This picture was not released for public consumption.

But, that is all that is known about the last five months.

The photos released are not released to the public, but are kept on government portal pages.

The Government’s website also does not show photos of faces released in any public channels.

The government has made no public statement about the issue, and no government portal has announced that they are releasing the images.

The government has also not released the number of photographs that it has released.

It seems that the photos have been kept secret because the images are not yet released.

The Government of Indian Republic (GIR) and the BJP are the major parties in the country.

But, the pictures released on social media do not appear to be in the public domain.