When will it start raining again?

Posted November 06, 2019 03:18:08 The rainy season will kick off again next week, with a big wave expected to hit the state of Tauranga.

The Department of Primary Industries says it is anticipating up to 5.5 metres of rain across the state on Tuesday.

“The first wave will come on Tuesday and Wednesday morning when it will be about five metres deep and then it will come back,” spokesperson Julie McKeown said.

“There will be some areas where the rains will be as low as two metres.”

Ms McKeoff said the rain was expected to last through the night.

The rains will start in Taurangan and end in the New South Wales River, and will move west and west again before it heads south across the Tasman Sea.

“We are expecting some big rainfall and that will last into Wednesday,” Ms McKeon said.