How to create a “fake” tweet to spread the word about #LondonSpirits festival

The world is living in an alternate universe where you can “post a fake tweet” to spread awareness about London’s newest festival, the London Society for the Arts.

According to the organisers, the event, held this weekend, is “an opportunity to share and share in the spirit of creativity and collaboration.”

Here’s how to create the perfect fake tweet for the event.

The event takes place over the course of three days, so there will be plenty of time to check in on all the latest news and events, which can range from music festivals to fashion and fashion-related events.

You can check out the official website for the London Soca-Fest here, or head over to the official event page to find out more about the festival.

For more information, you can read our interview with the organizers.

And as always, if you’re interested in seeing how people are reacting to the event online, head over here to see how the social media scene is reacting to it.