Tibetan group to offer compensation for tourists, students and others who were detained

The Tibetan government has announced compensation for all those detained by the Indian authorities, which had detained at least 20 Tibetans and several foreigners since October last year.

The Tibetan Government announced the new scheme on Thursday, saying it was to provide financial compensation for victims of the Indian police actions.

“In order to compensate all the Tibetan citizens and residents who were unlawfully detained by Indian police forces, Tibetans can now pay an administrative fee of ₹20,000 ($20,200) to the Tibetan Government of India, and a separate administrative fee to the Tibetans of India who were involved in the incident,” it said in a statement.

As of today, those affected by the detention will receive compensation of ⅔ lakh ($1,872), while those detained are expected to receive ₲15 lakh ($16,080).

The Indian government has been facing a wave of protests, as Tibetan groups have repeatedly demanded freedom for Tibetans in recent months.

The Tibetan government said the plan was in line with the “spirit of international law”, and added that the plan would allow the Tibetan people to be compensated for the harm that was caused by the police.

Tibet’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, meanwhile, has said it was “deeply saddened” by the news of the plan.

The statement said the Chinese side was “extremely sensitive” to the matter and expressed hope that the Indian side would take appropriate steps to resolve the matter.

“China strongly condemns the Indian government’s attempt to impose political pressure and the imposition of a heavy cost on Tibetans,” it added.