Which countries have the most people in prison?

PARIS — For the past three years, France has been ranked as the world’s most dangerous country for prisoners, according to an annual study by a U.N.-sponsored panel.

But in recent years, there have been signs that the country is making strides to curb the number of prisoners.

The government has pledged to cut its prison population by almost half by 2025.

France’s top court ruled last year that prisoners in state facilities have no rights to a fair trial.

And last week, a court upheld a prison sentence for a man who killed a woman and seriously injured her in a drive-by shooting.

But the most dangerous prison system in the world is in China, where the government is cracking down on political dissent.

That is putting the country at the top of a new list of the world`s most dangerous countries.

China, which has about 10 million prisoners, was also named the most corrupt country in the global economy last year by Transparency International, an organization based in Britain.

But a report released Thursday by the U.S.-based Center for Strategic and International Studies found that China has a prison population of less than 1 percent of the U-20 population, which is nearly 3.6 million.

China has the second-lowest prison population among countries tracked by the study, at 1.6 percent.

That ranks the country 25th on the list of 20 nations with the largest prison populations.

China also ranks as the second most corrupt in the European Union.