How to read a news story

article Posted March 16, 2019 04:12:50 It’s the first thing we learn when we get to school: the word “news” or “story”.

The first thing to understand is that news is just an idea.

A story is a set of facts and a narrative.

We can’t always tell the difference between facts and stories.

When we learn about the world, we must learn from it, and the world is a story, too.

We must learn the truth.

In our society, our world, our society is the news.

It is our daily experience of the world.

We get information from different sources every day.

Sometimes it is news, sometimes it is not.

Sometimes we hear about a big event or a big decision and sometimes it’s not.

What is news?

It’s what we hear or read about the news every day in our society.

But what is the truth?

In a word, what is truth?

There is no such thing as truth.

The truth is that something is true or not true.

If it is true, then it is always true.

When something is not true, we have to look at the facts.

If something is said, it is said in a way that is not the truth, in a language that is different from the truth and in an audience that is completely different from ourselves.

This is what the world and our culture is.

The world is an illusion, a false reality.

We call it reality, but it is really the illusion of reality.

The illusion is not a fact.

It’s an illusion that makes us believe that something we are seeing, hearing, thinking or feeling is reality.

Reality is an idea that is never lost or destroyed.

Reality can be defined in two ways.

One way is as a set or set of things that can be described and compared.

This kind of idea is called the standard of reference.

This idea is what we call the object of our perception.

The second kind of thinking is called a theory.

This thinking is what our brains use to evaluate a subject.

We are not only aware of things in our lives but also in the world around us.

The idea that we are constantly living in this world is called consciousness.

The most important concept is the idea that there is something out there that we can identify as the truth about the truth of reality that we see.

We believe that there are things out there, things that are real.

These things exist in the universe.

We cannot know these things, and we cannot experience them.

This belief is called our intuition.

Our belief in reality is our mind’s intuition, and our belief in the truth is our body’s understanding of the truth that it senses.

Our body’s awareness is our intuition, our body is our consciousness.

So what is consciousness?

Consciousness is an awareness that we have of the fact that there exists something out in the real world, something that we call our mind.

This reality is the world we live in.

This consciousness is called “reality”.

This is the way we perceive reality.

It has nothing to do with our own body.

This awareness is called awareness of the mind.

Our awareness is the same awareness that our body has.

We do not have a separate awareness of our body.

We have a unified awareness of all our experiences.

So, what does the word consciousness mean?

Conscious awareness means that we feel a certain sensation, a certain feeling, a specific feeling.

This sensation, feeling, feeling is called mental or cognitive awareness.

It does not have to be a specific sensation or feeling.

For example, if we have a sensation that we want to have, we may feel it with our eyes closed or with our tongue out.

This experience is mental because we have an awareness of what it is.

It exists in the mind and is not physical.

If we feel it, we can tell it is a sensation.

If our body does not feel the sensation, then the sensation is not mental.

This feeling is mental, but we are not aware of it.

Conscious awareness is an activity that is going on in our body, in our mind, and in our consciousness all at the same time.

When our body experiences something that is mental or physical, this is called an action.

For instance, when we sit, we feel the weight of our head, we touch the floor and we feel our feet.

We know that the weight is there, we know that it is there because we feel that weight in our hands.

We also know that we touch our feet because we touch them with our feet and our hands, with our fingers, with a bare foot.

We just have this awareness of these sensations and the actions that happen to us.

We don’t have to see the sensations to know that they exist in our bodies.

We experience them because we are aware of them.

We only have to know them in the body.

When someone touches our hands or our feet, we are able to know about it because