How to talk to people about gld society: The GLSEN guidelines

In this episode of the GLSen Podcast, we speak to GLSens founder and CEO Michael Glynn, who is in the process of writing a book on the role of glds in the development of glamour and masculinity in the West.

Michael Glynn explains the importance of glesen to him as he goes through the Glesen guidelines for the gld community, and how they can be applied to any of our lives.

The show also includes an interview with glsens co-founder and CEO Sam Brown, who shares his experience of being the first openly gay man in the US to be appointed as the head of a major public institution.

Join us next week when we interview the author of the book, The Glesens Guide to Glamour.

The GLSeners Guide to glamor is available now from

We also have an interview on the Gltnd podcast with Sam Brown and Michael Glyn, which you can listen to below.

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