When will it start raining again?

Posted November 06, 2019 03:18:08 The rainy season will kick off again next week, with a big wave expected to hit the state of Tauranga.The Department of Primary Industries says it is anticipating up to 5.5 metres of rain across the state on Tuesday.“The first wave will come on Tuesday […]

How to get the cashless society?

What’s the best way to get cashless societies started?The answers depend on where you are and what you want to get out of it.If you want a cashless economy, the most obvious is to get a credit card, and for those with a credit history, that’s easier said than done.But […]

The truth behind the ‘no-excuse’ crime trend

On the streets of London, people still talk about the crimes that have swept the capital over the past year.But the crimes are often not about the crime, but the media and the politicians that perpetrate them.In the aftermath of a deadly stabbing attack in a London restaurant, for example, […]

What are the top 10 movies of 2018?

A new article from IGN looks at the top films of 2018.In a new article we asked our readers what they wanted to see in the coming year.We then looked at which films we’d like to see the most.This year, we also asked which films they thought had the potential […]

Why the Pakistan Government is Facing a Civil War if Its Leaders Don’t Stop the Coup: A Study

The Pakistani state has long been a key actor in the U.S.-led anti-terrorism campaign in Afghanistan.The U.N. human rights office recently released a report calling Pakistan “the country with the highest number of civilians killed in counterterrorism operations.”A 2015 State Department cable published by WikiLeaks says Pakistan has “been responsible […]

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