Which animals are on top of the world’s most valuable land?

The most valuable piece of land in the world is the land of Costa Rica, and it is worth a whopping $7.2 billion, according to a new report.

But the land, the Atlantic Ocean, is not only the richest in the Caribbean, it is also the most valuable in the whole of the Caribbean.

The report, titled The World’s Most Valuable Land, said Costa Rica is the third most valuable country in the entire world, after the U.S. and Canada.

Costa Rica’s top spot in the list was taken by the landlocked nation of Bermuda, with a whopping US$6.2 trillion.

The next three spots are taken by Jamaica, the Bahamas and Trinidad and Tobago.

The most popular place in the top ten is the Pacific Islands of New Zealand, where the country holds the top spot with $5.8 trillion.

Costa Ricans have the highest wealth in the Americas, with an average of US$1,933,000 per capita.

The top ten nations with the highest median wealth per capita in the U-20 World Cup, are Australia, South Africa, the U, United Kingdom, China, India and Brazil.

The least wealthy nations, the least developed and most impoverished, are the U of T in Ontario, Quebec, the United States and Mexico.