Golf society announces that a member of its golf group has died after a fall

Golf society announced on Monday that a golf group member who died in 2015 had fallen from a third-floor balcony.

The Golf Society of New Zealand (GSN) said on its Facebook page that Richard Bair had been part of the group since it started in 2007.

It said the club was “deeply saddened” by his death and had launched an internal investigation.

Richard Bair, left, and his partner, Tom Bair.

GSN said in a Facebook post that the club is “deepeningly saddened” at the loss of its member.

Richard Bairs death is being treated as unexplained.

GSN said it was “understandably saddened” for its members to be dealing with the loss.

Its chief executive, Geoff Turetsky, said it had been unable to contact Richard Bairs family.

“Our thoughts are with Richard’s family and friends at this difficult time,” he said.

Richard’s father, Richard Barmichael, said the death of his son was devastating.

“I think it’s just a terrible tragedy that happened, the whole family is devastated,” he told the Press Association.

Richard was the first member of the club to graduate from the top level in golf at New Zealand’s first Masters.

He was also the youngest member to achieve a double career in golf.

He started playing at the age of five, when he played with his brother at the Auckland Golf Club.

In 2014, Richard married his wife of 11 years, Lisa and has four children with her.